Just thought I wrote a blog however it seems to disappeared!! Oh dear well the title was….:

musings on turning 60.

if you see it tell it to come come. See what 60 will do😜😝


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

“Bear in mind that mind that at this moment I hold your life in the hollow of my hands” Sol T Plaatje by Mhudi.

Have you ever experienced this — to have your very life in the balance of……….. Fate, your thoughts, or destiny. Strange the instruction to this exercise led me to this quote..this realty is all too real in 2015..my mind drifts to that mind-set watching the news. I am in the hollow of life sitting in the movies, the mall, work. 2000 dead in a village in Pakistan .life diminished, sanctity of life ..for what Religion? Recognition? Malcontents? Or none of the above?